Get Ready for Autumn on the Lake Val des Monts, Québec


cabin from lake

This 2-bedroom cottage awaits you for warm September and cooler October days and nights. Swim, boat, paddle, have long walks. Return to a cozy cottage with an elegant and well equipped little kitchen.

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After the Storm …. Another storm

Two lovely people arrived at the A-frame on Friday – booked in for a week!  The amazing thing about their arrival is that they managed to get here between two storms — during a beautiful, sunny and clear-skied break. I’m sure they’ll have a lovely time.

Once the guests were ensconced in their Val des Monts A-frame cottage, we headed back to the Plum and took in the last vestiges of the break – a swim and a beverage at the lake.

This morning, after a tumultuous night replete with whip-cracking thunder and furious lightening which, I observed during my occasional eye-openings through the night, we headed out to Gatineau to pick up an electric vehicle for my weekend use.

What a contradictory though compatible idea having a car plugged into the current in a cottage that has been here for more than 70 years and driven by me, a 70-year old dame.


I barely had time to get the electrical cord up the hill to the waiting the ironically named “Leaf” — Nissan, of course, when a less dramatic, but nevertheless full-fledged storm began.  Dawning my new rain coat I tried to remember the instructions for plugging the car in. Needless to say I was pretty wet once the task was completed and I was safely back to the Plum.

The guests had a couple of hours for a lovely relax before the next storm.

True to the weather word of the moment, about an hour later, just as we were cooking at the bar b que another large storm began building.  The grilling just made it before the cracking and thunder rolling began. It was beautiful.  Large definitive rain drops through the screen, drops of water literally hanging on to one another  from a cedar bow.

It’s quiet now but a little while ago the loons did a short ritual just to let us know they are there. Everyone seems to be asleep at the moment  … or, for the moment since I’m sure there is another storm brewing.

I’ll report on the rest of the weekend … later!




Its a rainy summer day in Val des Monts

Plum porch in the rain

Sitting on the screened-in porch is really all I plan to do today.

I usually start the day by jumping into the lake for my morning swim but today, i’m having a break and enjoying the view. The operatic loon performance was in in full force last night.  The mysterious night calls are one of the many pleasures of falling asleep at the cottage.That song put me to sleep last night but not before watching too many episodes of White Nights on my phone via downloaded Netflix.


The A-frame is rented this weekend


And for the next week until August 3.  The family here this weekend seem to be thoroughly enjoying themselves.  There has been echoes of laughter from next door.  They’ve been out in the kayak and enjoying the view from the balcony … upper and lower.

Since everything seems to be going well, we may hop in the car and head downtown for a movie tonight.  Val des Monts is so close to Ottawa and Gatineau (Hull) we can go out for an evening and be back in plenty of time to hear the loons and get a good night’s sleep.  Here, no matter how hot it is downtown we most always use a blanket.







The birds sing … morning, noon and night

I’m not a bird watcher but I can tell you that waking up to song birds in the morning is a highlight of being at the cottage in Val des Monts.  Even if i’ve been reading til’ two in the morning I delight at the sound of that early morning song.

Of course background to the reading is the nightly operatic performance of the loons.  It sounds like there is a whole chorus of them out there this year.

Over coffee looking out over the deck what’s that … a pelican. No, I may not be a birdwatcher but I know we don’t have pelicans here … its a graceful heron flying over the lake.

I don’t have photos of the songbirds, the loons or the heron.   Too fast for cottage lazy me.  But hey, did it tell you about the wild turkeys and the crows.


Val des monts cottage awaits you.  Follow us here and let us know if you’d like to rent for a while.

Get away from summer humidity! Come to the Cottage!

July 16 is in many ways, the beginning of summer.  It has been quite hot in the east but when you can step out onto the deck for a peaceful view of the lake, or go down to the lake, just steps away.  You’ll be cool in no time.

Later in the day take the canoe out for a tour around the lake.  You’ll witness the loons preparing for their nightly operatic performance, the beavers quietly eyeing the activity to see where they might safely consider a new dam.  The other day, I saw a white-tailed deer.  Oh and this morning a family of wild turkeys called a halt to the two-car traffic on the country road to town.

Summer in central Canada is pretty nice this year!  If you are looking for a getaway for the weekend or longer let us know.

dock from balcony off main flr.LL and WMcP, Val des Monts, Québec

Trees, birds, clean water — Cottage on the Lake — Val des Monts, Québec

cropped-a-frame-11.jpgThis two-level, two-bedroom cottage on Lac du Barrage, near Val des Monts, Quebec is a little oasis of calm, especially from Monday til’ Friday when there is hardly a soul on the lake.  Morning sunrise, the sound of loons calling one another, kayaks and canoes breaking the water — you’ll be enchanted.

Have your morning beverage out on one of two decks overlooking the lake.  Amble down to the dock and leap in for your first swim of the day.  bright kitchen looks out doors from two sides2view of kitcheneating table with view