The « A » Frame @ Val des Monts

September, 2019

Val des Monts, Québec

As we roll through mid-September the A-frame at Val des Monts is welcoming guests who want a taste of early autumn on the lake. Some trees are changing color, squirrels and chipmunks are madly rushing around collecting and storing their winter supplies.  Different birds are stopping by on their way south.  We’ll be getting ready to shutter the cottages for the winter and let the local inhabitants have some winter peace.

This summer it’s been a busy summer at the A-frame on Lac du Barrage

The first renter came in early June as a short getaway to spend time with a friend. Wildflowers had already started – it was a ”Lady slipper” year! Birds were settling in and there were signs of deer and beaver! It was an active wild life spring … and summer as well.

spectacular lady slipper sightings

It was a late Spring this year and the lake water was very high. The A-frame is situated up on a hill so early visitors had the opportunity to watch the arrival of hummingbirds and the early paddlers fishing and kayakers exploring the shores and marshes for beaver and bull frog sightings.  So too were the cranes arriving on hunting expeditions.  Later in July my friend Nancy and I sat out on the doc for close to an hour watching the crane quietly strut around positioning itself to snap up a snack.

A mixed-weather summer season did not stop people from wanting to spend time away from the city close to the woods and the lake. It was often very cold in the mornings warming up in the afternoons beside the lake. This while folks in Ottawa, Gatineau and Montreal were sweltering with high humidity and UV.

The A-frame has a very efficient wood burning stove with a glass front.  So both the heat and the visual are comforting of cool Spring and Fall nights. Sometimes a small fire in the summer can also pull humidity out of the air. But that is very rarely necessary at the A-Frame.  It can get warm but the fans and the evenings cool things down rapidly.

There was an active wildlife scene around the lake this summer.  Beavers, birds–hummingbirds, chickadees, heron, Barred Owl and an assortment of other local and migrating birds were on view.  This morning (late August) a black and white warbler stopped by on its way to Panama.  I’m not fast enough with my camera to get photos. Fortunately Wendy is faster so some photos are included with this piece..

Nor am I a boater but Wendy and Barbara went out every day where they run into water dwellers down in the marshes at the end of the lake.  This morning Barbara saw 9 loons lined up on the lake just as she stood on the dock. So, she immediately went out to get a closer look.  While she was out on the lake the loons continued their tremolo then swooped and danced overhead as she paddled.

Loons a nightly opera

I’ve been listening, enjoyably, to my two friends discuss their sightings, while I simply enjoy knowing that wildlife is out there going about their business.

What I miss by not being a kayaker or boat rower I make up from walks on country roads and the towns and villages in the region.

Val des Monts (Perkins), Quebec is a little town located on unceded Algonquin Territory just north of Buckingham and Templeton in Gatineau, Quebec.  The beautiful Rivière Blanche runs through the town and provides a picturesque locale for resting or having a picnic at the river’s edge. The river runs through the village making its way through a beautiful little park.

Val des Monts can be reached by taking Highway 366 east from Highway 50 or by exiting the highway at Montée Paiment, my preferred route, a far more picturesque, peaceful route, running alongside farmland and forest.  When you are ascending to Val des Monts from the city via this route you are soon driving through the quiet of the countryside. Immediate tranquility and hardly any traffic.

The area around Val des Monts is cottage country. There are many lakes big and small–a veritable summer get away region.

But it is also home to full-time residents who work in nearby cities and towns.  It has all the services you want in a get-away – local grocers, artists, pharmacy, good cheese and even its own donut shop!  You know the name.  We’re just missing a local baker.  We’ve had a couple of pop-ups but none that could stay long enough to make a name and have people fully supporting it.

La Peche (Wakefield), St Pierre de Wakefield, Poltimore are local towns well worth visiting for those coming to the A-Frame from other parts of the province or country.

We’re looking forward to welcoming people to the few remaining 2019 days available at the A-Frame on Lac du Barrage at Val des Monts. And, of course, things are currently wide open for next spring, summer and fall.

You can book a few days, a week, a month or the whole season if you are looking to get away from the city, while remaining within easy reach of cities and the services offered including hospitals, government offices, universities and more.

Welcome to the A-Frame at Val des Monts

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