September on the Lake at Val des Monts and … Thanksgiving is coming!


Sorry for the delay in reporting on activities around the cottages on the lake at Val des Monts.  I have been delayed by a sciatica attack. But, after a few weeks, it seems to be on the mend and I can see the end of the pain ahead.

floating on the lake:late summer

The warm, hot and sometimes muggy days of August are past now.  Though, I must say when it’s been muggy downtown – Ottawa, Gatineau or Montreal, it has always been cool enough here in Val des Monts that we sleep with a light blanket every night – sometimes, not so light.

misty view of cottageJust before the coolness of September came about we had some exceptionally hot, humid days and nights culminating in a huge storm that knocked down some trees and halted electric power for several hours.  But we were prepared – the Plum and the A-frame are equipped with terrific flashlights and candle holders.  The thunder and lightning were spectacular.  And the loons, of course, responded to the thunder and lightning with what seemed like a loon chorus across the lake.

Loon taking off :fall or spring:summerOne night, last week, Wendy was star gazing down on the dock.  At the A frame you can actually stargaze from either the upper or lower decks. She saw a beaver swimming by the dock. There have not been too many sitings this year so that was exciting for everyone.

Beaver Dam 2
Beaver Dam on the lake

The neighbourhood jackrabbit (too fast to photograph ) has been around quite a bit and it seems that the deer population is increasing since we are seeing more and more of them. The red squirrels are as pesky and curious as ever.

Maia's drawing
Maia’a drawing from her summer visit.

We’ve had many guests at the A-frame over the summer and now coming into the fall there are a few bookings as well.  “We had the time of our lives.”   “I wish we had booked for two weeks!”  “My mom just loved sitting on the deck watching the action and the stillness out on the lake.”  Are just a few comments from our summer guests.

view from the kayakEveryone enjoyed the kayak trips around the lake and many explored the lake in the canoe stationed out near the A-frame.

As we move into autumn the air is a little nippier but the sun is brilliant and hot to 6:00 pm. Nights are cool enough for a fire in the fire place and cozying up in front of the fire.

Some of the birds – heron, loons robins, and ducks are preparing to go a little further south for the winter.  Others will stop by here resting on  the branches around the lake as they migrate from further north. Bluejays and some little brown birds that I can’t name stick around for the duration … shivering their way through the cold winter at the lake in Val des Monts.


Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to be at the Cottage in Val des Monts, Québec.  The A-Frame is fully equipped for cooking those special meals people like to have at Thanksgiving – turkey or tofurkey, you’ll find what you need to prepare that special meal at the A-Frame.

Weekly Rentals for autumn at Val des Monts are $750 for a full week.  For Thanksgiving weekend (3 nights) it is $500.  Weekly or weekend renters also pay $100 for cleaning.  If you are bringing a small animal we can discuss a damage deposit.

When you come to the Cottage at Val des Monts you only need to bring personal items.  All sheets, blankets, towels, soap and shampoo are waiting for you. We supply wood for the fireplace and spring water from a local spring for drinking and cooking.

You’ll find boats, life jackets and deck chairs for your use and comfort.  There are different things to experience around the town.  A couple of art galleries, a Village Church and beautiful countryside to walk and explore.

dock from balcony off main flr.

Consider booking your Thanksgiving weekend getaway at The Cottage at Val des Monts by sending  an email to

Louise and Wendy
Louise and Wendy, old friends and co owners will welcome you.


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