Get Ready for Autumn on the Lake Val des Monts, Québec


cabin from lake

This 2-bedroom cottage awaits you for warm September and cooler October days and nights. Swim, boat, paddle, have long walks. Return to a cozy cottage with an elegant and well equipped little kitchen.

This 3-season A-Frame has two bedrooms and sleeps four people comfortably. In addition, there is a double futon-couch that makes a comfortable, firm bed. There’s a full, well-equipped kitchen with gas stove, refrigerator and most things required to cook a pretty fancy meal – or simple, as you prefer. It has rented out for $1000 a week and $500 for weekends this summer.  The price is somewhat reduced for the fall.


Last week of August is $1000, Sept 4-30 is $3000, October 4 to 14 is $750. Then we close for the season! So get in touch!

We’re booking now for 2019! Anyone interested in bidding to rent for the full season mid-May to mid-October 2019 please send a message.

It’s been a busy few weeks since mid-July

two decks, boats and dock

Guests arrived at the Lake from as far away as Alberta, Toronto, Montreal and, of course Ottawa.  Ottawa is just a 30-minute commute to this little getaway.  Despite the proximity to the city this is very private. Lots of trees, squirrels, rabbits, chipmunks, heron, frogs, beaver and muskrat. And many quiet days when there is hardly a boat of any kind on the lake.

This is a shared area where one species or another can sometimes act as a task master. This year it was the Red Squirrel. While not so much in evidence at the A-frame this year they did make their presence felt over at the plum cottage where I stay when I’m here from the West Coast in the summer. Wendy, my cottage partner, is on fairly intimate terms with the representatives of the various species in the vicinity. She misses the blue jays, notices the woodpeckers, is always on the lookout for owls and is entranced by the elegance of the heron.


This year the red squirrels have been particularly bold … letting us know, in no uncertain terms that the cottage land is shared territory.  The flying gray squirrels are comparatively quiet. Actually, they seem to sleep all day and just as the sun is going down they fly down from their nest in the eaves to forage down by the lake.  The various species provide both drama and entertainment.  We love it and so do the guests.

In years past there were far too many motor boats on the lake.  As the population becomes more aware of the ecological damage created by the wake from motor boats the motors are getting smaller and the various paddle boats are seen in greater numbers.  It is beautiful to see both young and older paddlers out trolling with electric motors or just scouting and fishing.

Guests comments have been excellent.  Most wished they had booked a longer period of time. They’ve all totally enjoyed the kayaks and canoe and the clear, clean water of this deep, lime-stone bottom lake.


While the city is hot and muggy most nights on the lake at Val-des-Monts call for a blanket of some kind.  I’ve even had to use my duvet some nights while people downtown are sweltering.  Yet its only a 30-25 minute drive from town.

As the nights and days begin to shorten and cool the new wood-burning fireplace in the A-frame will provide the extra warmth to support the electric heating panels controlled by a thermostat.

But hey, the ‘dog days’ of summer are still very much with us.

This weekend we’ll be hosting friends for a Moroccan Feast featuring our own Mechoui-style bbq as well as a tagine and all the required accompaniments to tantalize the palate.  The weather says maybe but we’ve decided yes, no matter what the weather delivers. Why?  Because food and company are always so much better at the cottage.

Maybe Sirius, the dog star will continue to rise with the sun right to the end of the month. Those of you looking for an escape anytime from the last week of August through Labour Day and Thanksgiving … consider some time at Lac du Barrage near Val-des-Monts, Québec.

Louise and Wendy


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