After the Storm …. Another storm

Two lovely people arrived at the A-frame on Friday – booked in for a week!  The amazing thing about their arrival is that they managed to get here between two storms — during a beautiful, sunny and clear-skied break. I’m sure they’ll have a lovely time.

Once the guests were ensconced in their Val des Monts A-frame cottage, we headed back to the Plum and took in the last vestiges of the break – a swim and a beverage at the lake.

This morning, after a tumultuous night replete with whip-cracking thunder and furious lightening which, I observed during my occasional eye-openings through the night, we headed out to Gatineau to pick up an electric vehicle for my weekend use.

What a contradictory though compatible idea having a car plugged into the current in a cottage that has been here for more than 70 years and driven by me, a 70-year old dame.


I barely had time to get the electrical cord up the hill to the waiting the ironically named “Leaf” — Nissan, of course, when a less dramatic, but nevertheless full-fledged storm began.  Dawning my new rain coat I tried to remember the instructions for plugging the car in. Needless to say I was pretty wet once the task was completed and I was safely back to the Plum.

The guests had a couple of hours for a lovely relax before the next storm.

True to the weather word of the moment, about an hour later, just as we were cooking at the bar b que another large storm began building.  The grilling just made it before the cracking and thunder rolling began. It was beautiful.  Large definitive rain drops through the screen, drops of water literally hanging on to one another  from a cedar bow.

It’s quiet now but a little while ago the loons did a short ritual just to let us know they are there. Everyone seems to be asleep at the moment  … or, for the moment since I’m sure there is another storm brewing.

I’ll report on the rest of the weekend … later!




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